Thursday, February 24, 2011

Up to date....

Wowza TIME is flying still. I only wish it would slow down. I am in the process of getting a new website/blog and it is taking a little longer than expected {i don't know SQUAT about this web design stuff} I thought I could just say I like this layout and it will magically be exactly how my mind wants it to be     NOPE! I just don't know how to communicate what I really want....hmmmmmmm sound like my every day life. oh well. What we have been doing since jan 18th:
I turned 27......oh my I am officially in my late 20's and my face feels like it's going to give me every problem a tween might encounter. Ugh. I need my hair highlighted and to lose a few more baby lbs BUT on the brighter side I got some new clothes and an awesome crepe breakfast, dinner with the hub, bowling with my fam and lots of hugs. Love my family for giving me such an awesome weekend! (not me but a cute pic I found somewhere)

Next on the list is Chloe...She will be nocking on 6 months door real soo. WHAAAAAAA I know half year old already! She is so much fun and so easy going! Always smiling and just checking everyone out. We got her ears pierced 2 months ago and she look adorable in her little pearls. She is sitting by herslef and rolls all over the place..I swear she'll be attempting to walk before we know it! YIKES! And she absolutely loves baby food..especially green beans and squash..NO way to the nanners though!
 Oh miss Mylie we love you. But I do swear that by some magical switch you turn into...well lets just say it's not good...Only way to describe the cutie pa tutie is BIPOLAR??? What is with this 3 year old stage is it just our luck or is it just nature? So so sweet and helpful one minute and then next I am chasing her around OUTSIDE the church building in my heels trying not to make a scene... Love her and I am glad all those crazy moments are outweighed by her sweetness!
NExt I am only tending two days a week now and only one little gal. Sadly I must say I will miss the kids that came to my house every week.They were like family to me and the girls. BUT photography is booming and no need to busy myself to udder exhaustion! This is the kids fav place to watch a tv show.. ha ha silly kids!

 CHLOE'S ROOM FINISHED YEAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did I mention it's my favorite room in the whole house..So cheerful just like Chloe!
 The quilt I made..DO NOT look close but someday I will be an amazing sewer but for now this is what ya get!
 I saw these cascade curtain on the internet somewhere and loved them so much but went to purchase them and they cost some big amount that isn't in the budget..So I thought I will make them! NOT WORTH IT! Shoulda forked the dough out...I only got half up the bottom with the ruffles and thought eh that will work.

DID I ever mention I love the DI and Spray paint? I think her room cost under 200 bucks. It all started with the little bird cage then boom I fell in love with the idea and begged Mike to just trust me!

THE End for now....


Sharstin said...

ah girly! chloe's room is adorable! love the fun colors~ and your kiddos are cuties:)

michael. mindy. dane. said...

oh MY! i just found your blog through vintage revivals. don't worry! i voted for you! and if you win? i want to come to girls night! your girls are adorable! and i LOOOVE this room! i want it. i know. i want to copy it. so so cute! loving your blog right now!