Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy fathers day!

Love my hubby! Love that we have a truly HAPPY family! Thanks for asking me out on a date and making me laugh! Here we are now with two kids sheesh time is flying.... every minute is a blessing to me.

Here we are in all our 30 week glory! Count down really begins!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

To my much neglected

Life blog.... This has been a zooming few months. I have only but a few minutes to dote on what we have been up to. Lots of family fun, getting fat, finishing basements, and lots of photography! I have been super swamped with photoshoots BUT I love it! I have cut back on baby sitting to just TWTH. So that has been sweeeet! Mylie is a teenager now...or so she thinks. Sass and full on conversations. Where has my little gal gone! Still she loves to dress her self and I have tried to find space on my cards to capture her. here are a couple sootc: (no time to edit my own pics..someday) She seriously has her own style!

Mylie is still trying to be 100percent potty trained and we are still having our ups and downs but only seems to be when she is in a home anywhere else she's great ( i don't know what to do I guess be patient). Humph hopefully she'll have it all down before littlest sister comes. She is a huge helper and love to feed the dog his food!
This is her saying "I'll be silly for you mom k" (sitting on the dog food container )! I promise we do try and get ready for the day..okay sometimes. Ha Ha
This one is just because she was lost one day and I found her out the back door riding her "horse" saying YAHOOO Ridin the Rang (She loves the Backyardigans). Ps she can open the back door now I hate it!

Mike had his 27th birthday last week and we celebrated it with strawberry waffles and thick cut bacon from a new jerky place on 1900w that mike loves! ( it's now Mylie's favorite thing to eat!...Daddy's girl)  went to church and then drove out to willard to enjoy the outdoors.
I am ever so craving these days of warm not your normal kinda preggers craving but I just wanna be warm!  As far as baby girl goes we are still struggling with the name. We know it has to have the ie ey sound at the end thats about all we have agreed on. So any ideas feel free to leave your opinion. She is growing fast BUT I am faster (sheesh it's depressing) She has been quite different from Mylie. She is a wiggley little gal and at times I think she must really wanna get out (i don't likey those times). I haven't been sick at all which is a bonus! No crazy "I can't eat that" kinds of things, still tired but not as bad I think. I showed baby bump and gained more than I did with Mylie. Her ultra sound compared to mylie's targeted looks completely different! So I am really stoked to see what she looks like. All in all it has flown by. I am almost 30 weeks along so we are on count down! So much to do Yikes. This is my inspiration for baby girls room:

So at some point in this busy time of life I have got to get my paint and sew on! I love the curtain (another gal had them posted on her blog for inspiration I died when I saw them I must have...) I'll keep ya updated on the befores and afters. THE END I must edit and watch me some kids...and maybe get ready for the day?