Monday, November 23, 2009

WOW What a month!

Life has been sooooo crazy this month.BUSY BUSY with work and family time...Mylie is huge and has so much to say. I can carry on excellent conversation with her and her new thing is "Why mom Why?" She is off and on with the whole potty thing. Oh well I guess. My energy with that is a little dull! We'll get there hopefully by 2010! Mike is busy working and squeezing in an occassional duck hunt in between my photoshoots...Bless his heart for giving of some of that duck time to Mylie :) I still have yet to have a clean house that last for more than one day but I can dream right? Still trying to sell the ole camera so I can update nooooo luck so far. I think everyone is broke and that's a stinker! For some fun news..We had Mylies mullet cut off into the most BIG Girl BOB! I love it! It does bring a tear to my eye everytime I look at my BIG Girl and not my baby mini! Wow you blink and I swear it's all gone!

She is now watching "the big rock candy mountain" and is one of her favorite movies( I used to watch it when I was younger...its old). I can't beleive her attention span for some things it amazes me!
Next was a monumental birthday more so than the first year for me at least... so we made it a fun one! She has entered a whole new relm of life! She is far more independent than ever before. MY FAVORITE is how much she tells me "I luba you mom! Sqweeeeze hugs!" with out me or mike prompting her to say such things. They always come unexpected and just melts me away...Sigh I hope this lasts! Here are a few snipits from the party..PS She has loved penguins since her first trip to the zoo and her and pablo(backyardigans) are pals!

We played peguin bingo, scoot the ice, PLIKNO (Was a big hit as always), and pop the balloon! We ate wonderful nachos and yummy black and white cake! Thanks for everyones help!
Mylie was so thrilled that she got a "puppy furreal" She didn't even care about anyone elses gifts So I just want to Say I Do and we are so greatful for all that you gave Mylie that night. She even tried on all the clothse and told us herself "oh cute!" Thanks for all the love you all shared with us in supporting her this night! Thanks to all those who took charge of the camera for me I was much to busy to think about it! I wish we could have invited everyone but ya know .... $$$ stinks! We love you all!

Friday, November 6, 2009

She didn't wanna wear it!

So sad but I had this idea of making mylie a peacock costume clear back in august...So I slowly(really slowly) bought and made bits of it and sadly I didn't get what I wanted. But still semi cute. The worst part of it was putting it on Mylie(keep in mind that we practiced several days before just so she would wear it) the day of Halloween.She screamed bloody bloody murder! She kept saying "Don wan it!" The picture tells the story well. All her face make up was rubber off and she is just bawling. So we decided to got outside in just her tights and told her brrr it's cold Success!!She let us put it on and then we hit the road and only a couple of houses actually had people in them. (which isn't a bad thing there wasn't much candy in my house the day after). The second we got back to Lizzies party it was off...Oh well I have to keep telling myself...she's just two! We had a blast at the party thanks Case family!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My little soccer girl!

Okay she must be really watching me lately...I didn't show her how to do this. She was even trying to tuck in the shin guard to the sleeve like your supposed to. I thought this was hilarious in her Sunday dress with half of her rollers pulled out getting ready to play some "Socca balls". Mylie is so funny the more she says and learns the more we just laugh. She is little miss drama. When she can't reach something she yells out "I ceeeaaan't" and makes a reaching grunting noise while she jumps up. We just laugh at how everything has such emotion behind every word! Most of all she is loves playing house and make me and mike eat her plastic play food. I especially love how she talks to her babies and orders pizza on her phone. She loves counting and is really good at recognizing shapes even when they aren't literal. We have even bought her a potty and she is SORTA KINDA interested. She definitely gets the idea, but only when she is naked! She didn't even care when she peed in her panties so I think we have a little ways to go. But we have had a little success in her recognizing when she need to go. Everything is poop to her so we can't tell if she is going 1 or 2. There is just so much she does now it's hard to name them all. She is a hoot and we love her and her little sassy personality.