Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Some randomeness

Over the past few months ...I HAVE BEEN BUSY...not a bad thing but my fam blog is much neglected! So here are a few snipets of whats been going on..

This little BIG gal is 3!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAA???? I can't believe how grown up she is. She is definitely more interesting now than at two. Drama has hit the Schoenfeld home. At the same time she is a delight. I love her made up songs(she has way better pitch than I DO!), her creative nature, her story telling, and most of all her kisses and hugs. She is an amazing big sister ( i never had one problem with her jealousy of chloe) She loves to help cook and even clean... occationally :) I am so excited to see what this next year is going to be like with a 3yr old!
This is one of her fav gifts (Sadly  i didn't get many pictures cause my camera always seemed to be full of photoshoots around this time)

Mike and his pals did this santa 5k and it was hysterical! I am so000 doing it next year! They actually did pretty well for not ever practicing their running skills!

We attempted a grandkids shoot in the snow for my mom...TOO COLD.
Christmas came and went! It was a busy week but OH how much we love our family and spending time with them. Mylie was a hoot! She loved opening her gifts this year and always remembered it was baby Jesus' birthday. Grandpa Sporting the good ole dancing santa hat..HA HA once again he is too cute for words.

This is mylie and a girl I babysit...Never do they ever look different when they are together always decked out in dress up.

These truly make me cry..My BABY is 4 months old! She is AMAZING! She has the sweetest smile and funnest personality. She has rolled over completely once already and tries to do it again every day. She has the best giggles ever! AND She is getting the rolls(as you can clearly see)..no more skinny chloe! I'll have to post some pictures soon but she got her ears pierced (don't judge me) and they are soo cute.

I am loosing 2 of the kids I babysit so this means more of my photography and less of a mess at my house(sorta). Although I am going to miss the two cuties they are kinda like family now. Hopefully we'll keep in touch!

This is a smidge of whats been happening around here.


Julie said...

super cute pics!! LOVE the zebra hat!!!!

Shayla Edwards said...

Ok, Chloe is adorable. She is getting so chubby. I LOVE it. And I love all your fun pics you posted. Mylie is HUGE. I cannot believe how fast time flies by. :( sad..

The McCrary's said...

Your girls look darling. I can't believe how big they are getting. Now that I don't see you guys all the time they look so big to me. I miss being able just to run over and see you guys. Mike looks classic in his suit. I am glad things are going well. I can't wait to see you guys Monday!!

love.joy.lane said...

Your girls are beautiful! Glad you had a good holiday season. Love the photos - wish you were closer so I could hire you the second that these boys come out to do theirs!

Sharstin said...

love all these picts! your girlies are adorable!