Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quite the artisit!

I didn't think I was that bad at watching Mylie. Boy, does she get around and fast. She opened the red nail polish in the kitchen (thank heavens not on the carpet)While I was on the phone with the insurance guy...5 minutes! What a mess my tile was! She looked so proud when she told me "mom, pretty!" Thanks to nail polish remover we had success in getting it off the floor! We did a finger painting for fathers day a week ago. Mylie liked the idea of it so while I was unavailable.....You Know.:) She opend the closet and found the finger paints and decided the black table should go! I didn't take a picture of the window seat cause I think I cleaned that carpet in lightning speed. I was quite impressed by my super human scrubbing! Needless to day what an artist! Once again proud, all she said (with a grin) was "Paint!" I love my little monster!

Kiss kiss to the fathers!

What a special day this was.I couldn't be more grateful for the fathers in my life. I love them all so very much!My dad...what a funny guy. I will never forget the laughter that we share!Thanks for all the Dad talks! Karl...what a strong man. In the sense that he had to put up with a lot in his life! He is such an easy going man. I hope a little of you will rub off on me! MIKE...I love you so much. Words don't make enough sense to explain you. We laugh...we don't cry (well i do ha ha)... we have the best relationship in the world. Even though your not the romantic type I still love you the way you are and your thoughtfulness. I know Mylie loves you so much. She gets so sad when you leave the house. You have done so much for our family. Thanks you for everything. We would stop living with out you in our lives. Keep up the good work Husband&Dad! Each of you fathers are such great examples to me and can't wait to make more fun memories with you! Happy Dad's Day!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

This is it...My Family blog!

Sorry if it has taken a while to find me and my family stuff. But it was time to separate business from family. So here we are a work in progress and hopefully I get to post here bunches too! Quick picture of mylie.....Can't get her to say apple any more it has now moved on to apple juice???? And hipo is now hipo juice. We don't really ever have that much juice in my house so it's not like I say juice a lot :) She also is responding to my questions..."Mylie where is you sippy cup?" Mylie: " Ummmmmmm I don't know?" ME: "Are you sure?" Mylie " In my bed." Ha ha and it was! My favorite thing that Mylie is doing now is asking to color and to play with the play dough. I love artsy fartsy stuff I am so glad she is getting into to. AS for those who don't know I stay home now and babysit. It is a bitter sweet thing cause your own kids are so much easier to handle than others but this is what my house is filled with....A bunch of CUTE little SaSSY Monkeys. How I make it through the week...I don't know I just do it by the seat of my pant. IT'S WORTH EVERY MINUTE that I don't have a boss and traffic and to pick Mylie up at the sitters. I love it!