Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Little MyMy isn't so little!

I can't believe this but I am having full on conversations with her now. She totally understands me {When she wants} She has even picked up on selective hearing ha ha! Mylie has been up to a lot this summer. She loves her chalk board so much. Always wanting to draw shapes. Her favorite is the star cause she sings twinkle everytime she sees it. She loves it even better when mom or dad colors with her.{"Cumon dad cumon mom lets color"} My new favorite although it worries me she says "Lets go outthide"(Lisp ahhh) really that's the only word that sticks out the most. She now says cheeeese when I don't have the camera ready so I think I am making progress on getting her to look at the camera. She also loves to take my picture with her big Lego blocks :) She loves to squish behind me when I am sitting on the couch She even tell me squish mom. Pull me back and she'll do my hair. Dad has even taught her how to order pizza on her phone.Many many more things she has discovered!

On another note... we went to grandma B's house one day and she bought a ton of these fun car things. EVEN the adults couldn't wait to try them out!Gotta love lifetime toys.

One more thing that we have done a lot of this summer is take Bridger out to swim. He is getting really good at retrieving his bird. I couldn't be more grateful for him. This dog has brought a lot of laughter to our home. Mylie loves telling him what to do and hold his leash when we go for walks. She especially loves to throw his ball to him {and her dinner}.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pink Pink you stink!

My mom got Mylie these really cute shoes. I debated on the 4th to buy her the red ones but couldn't talk myself into it! Thats what grandmas are for.....Spoiling! Thanks. This posy poserson still wouldn't look at me. But still so very cute!