Tuesday, March 23, 2010

is it spring yet???

This is mylie's new skirt that she hates for some reason and I bride/threaten her to wear! It reminds me of the colors of warm that are supposed to be happening a lot sooner than they are! I have cabin fever get me out into the warm sun.... maybe a vacation? I wish! HA

Thursday, March 4, 2010


WOW! Time truly flies when you're having fun... Five years ago today I married my high school sweet heart! THE BEST CHOICE I HAVE EVER MADE! How lucky am I to have shared some amazing moments with a best friend and eternal companion (ha ha you'll never get rid of me)! We have shared together...two homes, fun little get-a-ways, lots of laughing (thank heavens we got sense of humor!),  a puppy {Bridger}, that prepared us (a tiny bit) for our special girl Mylie, more of laughing, teasing, tickling and now another ity bity special baby on the way! I love to think how much we grown together and pray for more to come. Mike is such a special guy he is an easy going, fun loving, great to talk to( he remembers everything I say even when I think he isn't paying attention!) always thinks I look awesome when I know I am not, he lifts me up every time I am feeling lousy, he is a HARD worker...I say a little ocd over things but kudos to him for trying for perfection, he is an amazing daddy {I cry when I even think of it... like now.. no complaints} he is a wonderful friend and somehow he has this magic power that whenever I get upset with him I totally forget why, he cherishes his family and his priesthood, I know he loves me more than anything in the world because he gave up some of his major hunting time to spend with me and Mylie, I sure hope he knows That I love him soooooooo Much..much and much! Happy Anniversary my punkin head! Thanks for all the times we've had and the times we will have together............XOXO.

Sadly this is our only picture of us recently (not my favorite..what am I doing...ahhh looks like my mug I got for my drivers license) Oh well...