Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fun Girls night ...and a buffalo

I was contacted by a friend from high school to come a join her for a girls night out crafting...SO I did and brought my sis and mom. IT was a blast! We started out shopping for the event and then to dinner at ARELLA PIZZARIA...SO delish and so cute I couldn't stop staring at their decor..Sort IKEAish ...I recommend it!

We stayed the night a a hotel in Bountiful (not far from home) and crafted till 12:00am and talked till 2am.. woke up and had the breakfast there..then Crafted again till 8:00 pm.{some stayed till mid night again}I thought maybe we'll get a little sick of all the crafts and sitting at a table that long..WRONG! The time flew and I can't wait to do it again! I think I might of lost a little bit of my voice..I talked to much! here are a few pics we snapped when we had time ha ha.
 Yeah thats a lota glue!
 Shay made this cute rag wreath for her front door!{and she cut out all our card stuff on her cricket}

 My mom made these darling blocks with all the grandkids on them..They were a hit!
 I have a weird squinty eye hmm. Maybe I crafted to long? Nope Never!
These are the lovelies I worked on...OKAY confession: I sorta copied Sharstin Miller's wreath {thanks!}she recently made...Sorry had to it was too cute and my door is screaming for a new wreath. That was that and I can't wait for another one of these nights to happen.

ANG a Buffalo.....Have you been out to antelope island lately {in my case in the last um 10years?} I did this weekend with my family...It is all sorts of gorgeous in the winter! Check it out!..OH and my hub is starting a little business out there. He will be renting fun toys for the beach and trails, handcarts, gift shop stuff, camping supplies,  and possibly birthday parties ect. It is in the making and I will let you know when it will be up and running! Cross your fingers that it will be a success!

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