Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Witches night!

What a crazy evening. People almost sacrificing their car just to get into the parking lot. Woweee! It's safe to say that a lot of crazies were there that night. As for anyone thinking about going to it....Wait and dress up like a witch on Halloween.......There was twentyone bajillion people there and most of the shops were to packed to even enjoy. Although it was fun to see all the different kind of people and costumes and our family there! This is the only picture I got of the evening. I threw on a hat and called it good!{thank heavens for my mom already having it. My life is super busy with photos.I had a shoot point 2 seconds before this so I barely made it there! My crafty mom and shay made their own hats. Amber made a surprise was a good treat to see her.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Have you ever made german pancakes?

We decided to try something new for breakfast{although I recall having these before} Mike has never had them.. so I followed the recipe and put in the oven, timer set and then not to long later....Mike yells to me "something smells like it's burning!" Oh Crap here I do it again! But when I opened the oven to my surprise I found a molten mountain of pancake that wasn't burning but towering over the pan almost reaching the top of my oven! My first thought is Whaaat did I do wrong...Then laughter and lots of it....Then I better take a picture. We ate the whole thing, me, mike, and mylie. It was GREAT, added a little lemon juice and powder sugar YUM! So YES i will recommend this mountainous molten pancake! Be not worried it is supposed to look like that...

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

I want this hat!!

Isnt't this the most adorable knit hat. The ear flaps are to DIE for! I hope I can win me one from Amanda Keeys for my photoshoots! Wouldn't it look adorable on a baby boy???

Sunday, October 4, 2009


We were able to get up to my sisters soccer game in Logan this past week. It was so fun to be able to support her and her team! We had a blast! What we thought was going to be a freezing day...turned out not to bad. The game was fun and what do ya know ISU won USU! Woot Woot Amber! I love their colors (Bengals) Orange and black. You could definitely see them against the green grass and blue sky! We had Mylie in an orange and white sweater but it never really got shown (cause of the cold). But the ultimate fan was another family had their little baby all dressed in a tiger outfit..SO Cute shoulda got a picture of it. I just want Amber to know we are proud of her being able to juggle college, church, school, friends, and sleep! It's not an easy task but way to GO! Hope to see a game at your home field soon!