Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chloe Schoenfeld is HERE!

Here is a quick run down of what's been happenin in the Schoenfeld home...

Wednesday the 1 of Sept I was scheduled for an induction...That didn't happen I wasn't dilating and still high and thick so I was to go in tuesday after labor day to be checked again. Contractions were more apparent labor day weekend..We even packed our bags and car cause I felt something was gonna happen...It didn't. So we went and got checked on Tuesday the 7th ( my original due date) I thought something had to have moved. I mowed the lawn that morning I have scrub my housetop to bottom (even behind the toilets and cabinets) more than twice, I bathed the dog out in Mylie's kiddie pool, started sewing her quilt finished painting her room/dresser/crib/accessories. Shopped and walked all week long. I was for sure I was going in for an induction that same day....NOPE NOTHING! I hadn't even moved a centimeter! So after the horrible experience of being "checked"(twice) I felt a ton of pressure and constant pain that night.  am never going to see baby girl was all I could think about! Woke  up and took Mylie to her first dance class and had a few painful contractions but still not thinking anything of it. Layed around with Mylie the rest of the day. Mike got home and hmmm I kinda feel these contractions becoming closer and stronger. Oh well it's not gonna happen. Made dinner, did the dishes....hmmmmm maybe we should shower and get ready just in case. The neighbor came over to chat my mom and her neighbor came to see the baby room and that was that Mylie went home with grandma and me and mike headed to the hospital! Got into the room and 9:15pm
No need to make that a XL picture..Mike got me mid contraction breath! HA PAINFUUUL! Checked me out and I was dilated to a 7/8ish YES I made it that long!! Epidural came in .23 seconds and had it going in 67 seconds the fastest the nurses have seen in a while! I felt so lovely after that just lovely. (minus the shakes YUCK I hate those just as much as the contractions) Then we chatted and waited to dilate a little more. My mom and dad showed up {they looked so concerned and I was feeling great by then!) I progressed pretty fast we were gonna try for her birthday to be 9/9/10 BUT NOpe 11:33 time to push! and at 11:49 PM she came out! Yep that fast and so smooth. I am blessed that I can bring life into the world with ease! I am a woos so I think someone is looking out for me!
Pretty clean for ya know... Her cry is like a baby lamb it's quite cute!
Here she is with the goo eyes and proud Daddy! She came out weighing 5lbs 11 oz. 18.5 inches. SOOOOOO Tiny! I think she looks like a little bean when they wrap her in the blanket so that nick name has kinda stuck so far. LOVE LOVE Ogden Regional and all the nurses and the food ain't bad! We had an awesome stay that's for sure. Mylie didn't really like the hospital and she wasn't really sure about sister and me being in the bed. She wouldn't even use the potty in my room ha ha! I think she finally understood who she was and kept asking for Chloe. (which by the way is the one who chose her name....Me and Mike had narrowed it down finally to a few but she just kept calling her Chloe...i am actually surprised when people asked her what her sisters name was going to be she said girl, sister or baby huffington. Cause when we asked her at home she always said chloe??? So when she came out and they said what do ya think... we couldn't think of anything else to name her BUT Chloe (some people didn't understand the sound so it sounds like KLO- EE)
Thanks to those who came and visit. Having a second kids isn't as exciting I guess for people. We sat in a lot of quiet (which isn't  a bad thing) this time compared to when we had Mylie.
Finally she wanted to feed and hold her..Which usually lasts 30 seconds. I love it when she gets close and in the littlest voice she says oh she's so little and oh so cute. I love it!
Mylie loves to sing "We are a happy Family" Ya know what.... we ARE! After it took us yelling at Mylie to look at the camera and smile ha ha! I think this next photo is a real freak me out wow I got two kids in the back seat moment.
Chloe all ready to see her home...
 This was taken this morning what a wonderful sight! She woke up every hour from 11:00 till 4 but slept till 8:15 with out waking! Unfortunately Mylie fell outta her bed so we did have to get up for her once as well. BUT all in all it wasn't a bad night!
this is it for now..I am gonna be lazy with my sweeties! Pictures of her and her darling room are to be continued when? Dunno when I get around to it HA! Isn't she just precious?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mylie's first day of dance

Well me and the hub decided Mylie is pretty smart for her age...{3 in Nov} So maybe we should wait on preschool and start her in something fun...LIKE dance.{especially now that she is gonna be sharing mom & dad with a little SIS} She definitely needs to learn to follow direction and to not be soo shy. I thought this dance class would have turned out to be sooo different. I pictured her clinging to my side BUT nope she jumped in and started to follow. She was a little hesitant but her teacher helped her along. She first learned to tap with her "shiny" shoes then 1st and 2nd position in her ballet shoes, then she did forward rolls (honestly can't remember what they are called...sad brain) down the tumbling mats. I can't wait till she can actually do it all by herself! I think she might be the youngest in her class but I think with time she'll be just okay! GO MYLIE! XOXO
She loved her ballerina bear stamp she got for doing so well in class! She keeps holding it carefully out in front of her as if it is still wet.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Yes you heard right! See my baby timer to the right I am supposed to be done! Well little girl has other ideas..You know I can imagine her with her knees hangin upside down from my ribs and her hands on my hip just pleading to not come out! I am dilated to a whoppin' 1 and still thick. SOOO no induction and can't even get my membranes stretched! BUT they won't let me go past 41 weeks. I am scheduled for sure next Tuesday IF i don't go on my own this week. I am surely praying that something will happen in the next couple of days...before I go nuts!  So get your pray on people! This is what I look like at 40 weeks..Yuck! (she is still looking high huh?) Humph! Yes that is my tantrum... Till she comes I guess I'll be posting then.

Trip to Spring City!

My aunt and her family ( own this historical home there and invited the whole family to have a Saturday lunch there! I must say I am super jealous of her! And did I mention she is an amazing cook/baker/knitter/sewer...She multi talented (as are all of the Franklin's!) I love all the little details they have in their home..Here are a few pictures of my favorite things in the house...Well all of it is my favorite HA!
That is my quick tour of their home.. And these are a few of us hangin' around the place..

My mom, cousins friend, My cousin Abbie, my grandma, My Aunt Gail... There are more people that came but for some reason I didn't get one of everybody??

Mylie definitely took advantage of riding the 4-wheeler!

My sweet grandparents! Oh and did I mention silly? I never saw this side of grandpa! HA HA I think he really doesn't want me to post this BUT really how fun is this picture?

And a few of my little growing family!

We finished the night out at what used to be called fat jacks pizza in Ephraim (my college town) and Pollies  (the best candy/ice cream counter I have ever been to!) I miss that place!