Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Missionaries from "O" Town

I caught this picture while I was at a photo shoot with a boy who will be preparing for this day in the very near future. I forgot I even had it! I reminds me of Mike, my hub, and his secret love. I think he loved his mission more than he claims. This past Sunday he stepped in to teach the lesson on the spot.(surprised me) (which was on missionary work) His face is so ummmm...... bright and happy when he talks about it. I think he remembers how much fun he had, the hard work and rewards he received and most of all how much it changed the way he looks at life. I am so thankful for the gospel in our little family's life. Though its hard at times to be the best (ha ha) it is still important to us!I am pretty sure Heavenly Father still loves us even though we curse all through sacrament meeting...thanks to our dearest little Mylies out bursts! HE HAS TO HAVE SOME SORT OF SENSE OF HUMOR! Any ways it has brought many blessings into our lives and our families. So all I have to say to these missionaries good luck and may your missions shed new light on your life and your future lives! It is worth it 100 fold! :)

Friday, July 24, 2009


YEah we got out of the house! My friend Kim and her daughter went with me and mine to the zoo. What a success all of the animals were up and moving! I was so glad... Our last adventure didn't go so well! It was so nice to hang out with Kim! I don't ever get to see her so it was a really nice treat for me!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


My sister in law found this gigantic slip n slide in Wellsville. HOLY CRAP this thing was monsterously FUN!!! This is not for sissies! BUT i am telling you some of the kids were as young as THREE that were going down this all by themselves! MYLIE even sat in between me and Mike and kept saying "TA DA" at the end and then begging to go "GAIN!" We were there for hours and could go back for more! NOTHING BUT A BIG RUSH! Thanks Sarah for putting this together we love love loved it! Lets go again!

One one of our favorite things to do was a big train. This all the older gals! WOOT WOOT for us!

I am standing in the same spot for both of these pictures to give you the idea of how long this is! Yes if you are skilled you can make it to the end!


Thursday, July 9, 2009


Bronson Taylor Edwards
June 30, 2009
12:14 AM
7 LBS 6 OZ.
21 inches
{One day after Shayla's Birthday}
It was a long long labor but she did it! C Section and all!