Saturday, April 30, 2011

I wake up to a boob light....

UGG I know! It is so disturbing. I just can't believe I leave my room, my sanctuary, my peace to the very last thing to paint and to decorate in my home. I have been in my home for 4 years and boy oh boy it's come a long way. BUT this is my embarrassment to the rest of my home. This is the room I lock when people come over to visit...sad huh? I should be so proud of a space that SHOULD make me feel fresh and rested. Help me vintage revivals!

UMM Don't ask about the things hanging on my wall  I loath them!

This is kinda what i would like to do. I can't decide...its been 4 years and my room still looks awful  because of indecision and $. Maybe blue walls more towards the blue gray scale?

I hope hope hope this can be done and I surely hope I win! I need the help of decision making BADLY!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Many many more pictures and updates to come. But for now this was a quick shot of the girls after my ever so long day at the baby bunny and chick photo session. ADORABLE! ( my girls were too he he)

They were fun and cute and exhausted by the end of the shoot. Mylie will forever cry out for her Chicka and Boom (BUT thanks to Uncle Ned and Aunt Deana we can see them when ever we can) As for the bunnies {which mylie named them some unspellable name} she will miss them dearly. Don't know if she'll ever forget them! She carried them in her purse, put them in the baby swing, and loved and kissed them A LOT...even after they peed on her. Wish we could keep one BUT it's not in the cards right now.

IF you would like a baby bunny contact Heidi @ 801-985-5567 ( She thought she bought 2 boy bunnies..NOPE!)