Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Just some thoughts..

Got back to the grind of life this week! THE BABYSITTER IS BACK. (I do watch 4 kids and I love them like my neices and newphews (one of them IS my nephew) BUT..
I miss snuggling my girls for hours in our jammies.
...the quiet of my home
...the sorta kinda clean house
...the newborn baby smell (it's now spit up smell) children fighting/ crying
...not many dirty diapers (it's amazing how many we have at the end of the day)
...clean couches already sippy cup rings everywhere! (I HATE MICROFIBER UGG!)
...did I say quiet in my home? I miss it!
And many more but I won't make this a bummer of a post.

Mylie is loving that she has friends to play with. She really missed them kids. Every night before bed she's tell me "guess who's coming tomorrow....Brighty, Miles, Brons and Grace" Sadly I had to tell no they won't be here for a while and she would just get the saddest face and and say oooohhhh. Now every night that she says that I can use it as an incentive for her to stay in her bed all through the night. So that is nice. Mylie is the best sister ever...mid play time she walks over to Chloe to talk baby talk to her and "pet" her soft head. {she loves to tell people to pet her head ha ha} She is still going great with the potty and isn't acting out in jealousy. THank Heavens! Mylie is doing so well in dance she loves her teachers and her new pals. She even practices her shuffle step and her ballet positions.

Chloe is getting so big already..She has now hit the high 6 pound range! She loves loves to grunt and hardly ever cries even in the night it's just loud grunts letting us know to feed her. She loves to lift her head off my shoulder when I burp her to look around and gives me big smiles when she recognizes me. Melts me. She loves when I blow raspberries on her cheeks. She is full on air swimming with arms and legs flailing. She holds onto her right ear when she naps. She can already yank her hair pretties out. Gets the hiccups every time she eats and burps. She takes after Mylie and hates to sleep in the night..Hopefully that will change! Other than that we love everything about her and are so glad she is part of the family!

Did I mention it's duck hunting season and mike got a new (old) boat? He and his bud have been working on it A LOT. They have made this huge metal think actually look like it's worth money....Hopefully it'll sell and not sit on the side of my house. Just sayin... And I sorta pray no ducks come into my home. You know that awfullest smell of stagnant mud? That is what they taste like...YUCK I know! Mike would be sad if he didn't have a successful season so I kinda hafta let him do his thing. So to that good luck Mike and may all your ducks got to your friends house ;)