Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trip to Spring City!

My aunt and her family (www.cityhomecountryhome.blogspot.com) own this historical home there and invited the whole family to have a Saturday lunch there! I must say I am super jealous of her! And did I mention she is an amazing cook/baker/knitter/sewer...She multi talented (as are all of the Franklin's!) I love all the little details they have in their home..Here are a few pictures of my favorite things in the house...Well all of it is my favorite HA!
That is my quick tour of their home.. And these are a few of us hangin' around the place..

My mom, cousins friend, My cousin Abbie, my grandma, My Aunt Gail... There are more people that came but for some reason I didn't get one of everybody??

Mylie definitely took advantage of riding the 4-wheeler!

My sweet grandparents! Oh and did I mention silly? I never saw this side of grandpa! HA HA I think he really doesn't want me to post this BUT really how fun is this picture?

And a few of my little growing family!

We finished the night out at what used to be called fat jacks pizza in Ephraim (my college town) and Pollies  (the best candy/ice cream counter I have ever been to!) I miss that place!


Abby said...

hahaha I love Grandpa. Like you, I have never seen him that out of his shell!!!! Your photos are amazing!!!

michael. mindy. dane. said...

okay. not trying to be a creeper, but i'm from manti, so of course these pics got me all excited! haha. i'm lame. also, you look familiar. did you by chance go to snow college? or uvu? i swear i have seen you..or maybe i'm imagining it after seeing the ephraim and spring city pics? haha..

michael. mindy. dane. said...

okay duh. just saw that you said you went to snow. when were you there?? sorry about the one million comments!