Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Mylie's first day of dance

Well me and the hub decided Mylie is pretty smart for her age...{3 in Nov} So maybe we should wait on preschool and start her in something fun...LIKE dance.{especially now that she is gonna be sharing mom & dad with a little SIS} She definitely needs to learn to follow direction and to not be soo shy. I thought this dance class would have turned out to be sooo different. I pictured her clinging to my side BUT nope she jumped in and started to follow. She was a little hesitant but her teacher helped her along. She first learned to tap with her "shiny" shoes then 1st and 2nd position in her ballet shoes, then she did forward rolls (honestly can't remember what they are called...sad brain) down the tumbling mats. I can't wait till she can actually do it all by herself! I think she might be the youngest in her class but I think with time she'll be just okay! GO MYLIE! XOXO
She loved her ballerina bear stamp she got for doing so well in class! She keeps holding it carefully out in front of her as if it is still wet.


Nikki said...

If she's learning tap dance & needs tap shoes for class, I know her feet are probably much smaller, but in the future, we have size 9 & size 10 tap shoes I'd give ya for cheap if you want them. I've tried selling them on KSL, but no luck! I love her outfit! And her cheesy smile is stinkin cute!

Julie said...

Oh so cute!! She's the cutest lil girl!!!!! Glad she liked it!! Yay for Chloe.. cant wait to see pics