Friday, November 6, 2009

She didn't wanna wear it!

So sad but I had this idea of making mylie a peacock costume clear back in august...So I slowly(really slowly) bought and made bits of it and sadly I didn't get what I wanted. But still semi cute. The worst part of it was putting it on Mylie(keep in mind that we practiced several days before just so she would wear it) the day of Halloween.She screamed bloody bloody murder! She kept saying "Don wan it!" The picture tells the story well. All her face make up was rubber off and she is just bawling. So we decided to got outside in just her tights and told her brrr it's cold Success!!She let us put it on and then we hit the road and only a couple of houses actually had people in them. (which isn't a bad thing there wasn't much candy in my house the day after). The second we got back to Lizzies party it was off...Oh well I have to keep telling myself...she's just two! We had a blast at the party thanks Case family!


Jeff Nikki & Keizya said...

Her costume turned out so stinkin cute though! I practiced with Keizya too, she wouldn't wear it for practice, but on Halloween we made such a big deal about it and she was all about it! She even watched me paint her face and sat so still! And at the end of the night she ripped everything off. I still need to post the pictures. Oh, and I have to tell you that I love the Christmas cards you made for me, but I do need you to make one small change for me....can you have it say Jeff, Nikki, Keizya and Baby?

mark and casey said...

I think the costume is adorable!! How are you these days? It seems like forever since I have seen you. Casey

Kelli said...

hi ashley,

my email is!