Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My little soccer girl!

Okay she must be really watching me lately...I didn't show her how to do this. She was even trying to tuck in the shin guard to the sleeve like your supposed to. I thought this was hilarious in her Sunday dress with half of her rollers pulled out getting ready to play some "Socca balls". Mylie is so funny the more she says and learns the more we just laugh. She is little miss drama. When she can't reach something she yells out "I ceeeaaan't" and makes a reaching grunting noise while she jumps up. We just laugh at how everything has such emotion behind every word! Most of all she is loves playing house and make me and mike eat her plastic play food. I especially love how she talks to her babies and orders pizza on her phone. She loves counting and is really good at recognizing shapes even when they aren't literal. We have even bought her a potty and she is SORTA KINDA interested. She definitely gets the idea, but only when she is naked! She didn't even care when she peed in her panties so I think we have a little ways to go. But we have had a little success in her recognizing when she need to go. Everything is poop to her so we can't tell if she is going 1 or 2. There is just so much she does now it's hard to name them all. She is a hoot and we love her and her little sassy personality.

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Matt and Kierstyn said...

She is definantly your little girl!