Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quite the artisit!

I didn't think I was that bad at watching Mylie. Boy, does she get around and fast. She opened the red nail polish in the kitchen (thank heavens not on the carpet)While I was on the phone with the insurance guy...5 minutes! What a mess my tile was! She looked so proud when she told me "mom, pretty!" Thanks to nail polish remover we had success in getting it off the floor! We did a finger painting for fathers day a week ago. Mylie liked the idea of it so while I was unavailable.....You Know.:) She opend the closet and found the finger paints and decided the black table should go! I didn't take a picture of the window seat cause I think I cleaned that carpet in lightning speed. I was quite impressed by my super human scrubbing! Needless to day what an artist! Once again proud, all she said (with a grin) was "Paint!" I love my little monster!


Kayla said...

oh, but cute she is:) whenever you guys are up for some pool time come play with us!

Jeff Nikki & Keizya said...

what a cute little rascal! I love it...I just wanna squish her...luckily I have my own to chase around and squish when she's doing curious things...hopefully she leaves me enough patience for another child. :) Love it! I love the baptism pics too, beautiful place!