Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kiss kiss to the fathers!

What a special day this was.I couldn't be more grateful for the fathers in my life. I love them all so very much!My dad...what a funny guy. I will never forget the laughter that we share!Thanks for all the Dad talks! Karl...what a strong man. In the sense that he had to put up with a lot in his life! He is such an easy going man. I hope a little of you will rub off on me! MIKE...I love you so much. Words don't make enough sense to explain you. We laugh...we don't cry (well i do ha ha)... we have the best relationship in the world. Even though your not the romantic type I still love you the way you are and your thoughtfulness. I know Mylie loves you so much. She gets so sad when you leave the house. You have done so much for our family. Thanks you for everything. We would stop living with out you in our lives. Keep up the good work Husband&Dad! Each of you fathers are such great examples to me and can't wait to make more fun memories with you! Happy Dad's Day!

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