Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some udates

update 1. It was my dad's 50th birthday at the end of march! WOW that just seems so weird to think how fast that went. My dad is great he is a turn the cheek, sensitive, secretively hillarious kinda guy but if you mess with his family watch out! I truly know how much he loves us! We appreciate his hard working fun loving life! We went to El Matador in Ogden (we have been going there since....forever, we love it) all in black and he showed up in red so he stood out like a sore thumb! He went with my dad's side of the family and made it a night of games afterwards! Love ya podge!

Update2: Easter
We went to breakfast at grandma & papa worthens, then home to veg and take naps, then to grandma & papa schoenfels. Mylie got a new swim suit and flip flops in her basket. Which was a bad idea on my part cause the second she saw the suit she wanted to go swimming right then and there! Lately she has been insisting on wear her choice of outfits especially her shoes. She wore in the moring one brown boot and one black mary jane. Later she still refused to conform and came down the stairs in tights and her new flip flops shoved between her toes! I learned to just to let it be. She  loved racing (hence the back of her head in all pictures) to get her eggs but easily got distracted by grandma schoenfeld playground and need to go down the slide a couple of times.Too bad you can't see the cute easter dress..blasted weather! 
See the flip flop toes!

Just for laughs here is a little girl I babysit. I can't stop laughing when I see this picture!
Have a happy day!