Monday, October 19, 2009

Have you ever made german pancakes?

We decided to try something new for breakfast{although I recall having these before} Mike has never had them.. so I followed the recipe and put in the oven, timer set and then not to long later....Mike yells to me "something smells like it's burning!" Oh Crap here I do it again! But when I opened the oven to my surprise I found a molten mountain of pancake that wasn't burning but towering over the pan almost reaching the top of my oven! My first thought is Whaaat did I do wrong...Then laughter and lots of it....Then I better take a picture. We ate the whole thing, me, mike, and mylie. It was GREAT, added a little lemon juice and powder sugar YUM! So YES i will recommend this mountainous molten pancake! Be not worried it is supposed to look like that...

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