Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Our first vacation of the summer!

HOLY crap! I am so exhausted from this fun filled weekend....although it wasn't long enough. We drove about 6 hours to get to this cabin and boy oh boy was it worth it! Gorgeous plantation cabin! Gorgeous views I could go on and on with the details of this place. We went into Yellowstone on sat. (mike's first time) Buffalo crossed right in front of our car when we pulled into see old faithful. (perfect beginning don't ya think)IT was amazing! Mylie did so well in the car I couldn't believe it. I was more annoyed than she sure was. We got to go on a beautiful hike to an amazing river! we shot guns (found out grandma was better at skeet than grandpa)ate lots and lots of food. It was great! Thanks family for all the fun memories we made this weekend! I think Mylie's favorite part of the trip was playing poly pockets with her cousins and Tyson pushing (running) her in the stroller around the cabins porch. Mine was ...... all of it! Okay the driving wasn't all that fun but at least it was beautiful scenery. Lets do it again but lots longer next time!


The Case Files said...

I agree, lets do it again. Thanks for the fun memories. The family picture turned out great! All we need is little Dave. I think everyone had a great time. We all need to picture swap soon. Thanks Ash.

The Johnson's said...

Did you wanna bottle some salsa for me too? j/k It looks way yummy.. next year when you do it call me... I'll make a trip up there just to bottle salsa... definately my fav.